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Soka City Merchandise Coupons with a Premium

For Those Exempted from Resident Tax
Apply for the Issue of Purchase Coupons
Deadline: August 9 (Fri)

Make a detailed inquiry at Soka-shi Shohinken Call Center (Soka City Merchandise Coupon Call Center)

Eligible people

Those who are exempted from resident tax of the fiscal year 2019 (Base date: January 1, 2019)


Fill in the application form sent by postal mail and send it back in the enclosed envelope to be postmarked by the 1st deadline of August 9 (Fri) or the last deadline of November 30 (Sat).
After the examination, the coupons will be sent to eligible people in sequence from mid-September.

* Families with children of age under 3 need to go through procedures.
Merchandise coupons will be sent in series from mid-September.

Period of sale of merchandise coupons

September 28 (Sat) ~ February 28 (Fri), 2020

* The purchase of the merchandise coupons is left to your options.

Stores where merchandise coupons are accepted

Visit the website of Soka City to see the names of stores.


Shohinken Jigyoshitsu (Merchandise Coupon Project Office)
Tel.(048) 922-0181
FAX(048) 922-1108

Further Infomation

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