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Caregiving for the Family

"What Do I Have to Do ?" "I Feel Increasingly Anxious."
Caregivers Interviewed at a Caregivers' Gathering

Concerns and issues about caregiving are sometimes difficult to share with others.
Do not let your mind and hands overloaded, and make use of a place where you can talk about your concerns.
Caregivers' gatherings are held in various areas of Soka City, where working caregivers and potential caregivers can share their concerns and experiences.

Kappa Tengoku

The photo shows a gathering at the former "Kappa Tengoku." Part of the photo is shaded off to protect privacy.

What is Caregivers' Gathering ?

This is a gathering place for exchanging of those who are involved, were involved and will be involved in caregiving.

The gathering is held under the rules of "Feel free to join and leave, keep secrets, avoid blaming and listen carefully" so that anyone can feel free and safe in talking about concerns and worries.
Some of the gatherings are held in the evening and on Saturday.

See the PDF about the venues of caregivers' gathering.
Contact Chiiki Hokatsu Shien Center (Community General Support Center) or Choju Shien-ka (Senior Citizens Support Section) for details.

Q: Tell me about the days when you started caregiving.

A: I did not know what to do.

I did not know what to do.

When I started caregiving, I did not know what to do.
I wished I had someone to guide and support me.

It is difficult to imagine what caregiving is like until we actually face the situation.
Just like thinking about which hospital to go to in case of diseases, it is advisable to check the location of an inquiry counter or a facility and its phone number.

Q: What difficulties and concerns did you face ?

A: I could not do as I wanted to.

Once a situation arises when a family member needs caregiving, we must do it and the situation varies from family to family, so we cannot foresee what preparation is enough.
You may fail to do as you planned, and you may not be able to keep yourself calm because you are taking care of your family.
We cannot do as written in a manual.

I could not do as I wanted to.

Some people try various ideas to motivate themselves, such as developing a pattern of daily activities and taking photos of meals and other daily scenes to share on SNS.

Q: Why do you join a caregivers' gathering ?

A: Because by talking with others, I feel encouraged.

Talking with people who have things in common with me and share concerns gives me peace of mind.
In my case, I am interested in listening to others' stories about caregiving rather than talking about myself and seeking advice.

When I listen to the stories of others who are working hard to take care of the family, I feel encouraged and motivated to continue caregiving until the next gathering.
This gathering is a source of energy for me.

Because by talking with others, I feel encouraged.

* The stories are summarized to be presented as examples.

Contact Chiiki Hokatsu Shien Center (Community General Support Center)
For Information about Caregiving and the Venues of Caregivers' Gatherings

Monday ~ Saturday, 9:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.

Yatsuka and Sezaki
Tel.(048) 929-3613

Taking care of Yatsuka-cho, Yatsuka and Sezaki

Yatsuka Seibu
Tel.(048) 929-0014

Taking care of Yatsuka Kami-cho, Yatsuka Naka-cho, Ryoshinden Higashi-cho, Ryoshinden Nishi-cho, Nissato-cho, Yanagishima-cho and Asuma-cho

Soka Chuo and Inari
Tel.(048) 959-9133

Taking care of Shinmei, Sumiyoshi, Chuo, Takasago, Teshiro, Yoshi-cho and Inari

Soka Seibu
Tel.(048) 946-7030

Taking care of Soka, Nishi-cho and Hikawa-cho

Matsubara and Soka Tobu
Tel.(048) 932-6775

Taking care of Matsubara, Sakae-cho and Matsue

Tel.(048) 921-2121

Taking care of Hara-cho, Kitaya, Kitaya-cho, Koyama, Hanaguri and Naezuka-cho

Kawayanagi and Shinden Tobu
Tel.(048) 932-7007

Taking care of Kakinoki-cho, Aoyagi, Aoyagi-cho, Yawata-cho, Nakane and Benten

Tel.(048) 946-0520

Taking care of Shin-ei, Choei, Seimon, Asahi-cho, Kinmei-cho and Shinzen-cho


Choju Shien-ka (Senior Citizens Support Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1281
FAX(048) 922-3279

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