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Prepare against Disaster

Start with What You Can Do Easily

Rescue Training Conducted, Using the Main Building of the City Hall

Rescue Training Conducted, Using the Main Building of the City Hall The Soka Yashio Fire Bureau is routinely conducting training to cope with disaster promptly, preparing against a large-scale disaster which may occur at any time.

A practical comprehensive training was conducted on April 21, using the main building of the City Hall, which was to be demolished soon.

The fire bureau will continue their utmost effort to protect lives and properties of citizens.


Soka Yashio Shobokyoku (Soka Yashio Fire Bureau)
Tel.(048) 924-0119
FAX(048) 928-8338

Learn from Comments by Suffers of Disasters to Protect Yourself and Your Family

The Possibility of Earthquake Whose Epicenter is Directly below Tokyo: 70 % within 30 Years

Review your earthquake countermeasures of your family and your neighborhood to protect precious lives, and start with what you can do easily.

The stories of experiences below were extracted and summarized from a questionnaire for affected people, "If you could go back to the day before the disaster, what would you do ?" The questionnaire is part of the "national movement to mitigate disaster damage - episodes of disasters (the one-day-before project) - " (the Cabinet Office).

"Stock food and supplies on a routine basis."

"All were sold out."

A woman in the 30's, living in Kashiwa City, who was affected by the Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake (July 2007)

The water system might stop, so I hurriedly went to buy plastic containers, but were sold out.
I desperately looked for empty plastic bottles instead to stock water.
I was worried the stocked water might run out before the water system was restored.

We Need Stock for One Week

Keep water and food in reserve to last for at least three days or one week preferably.

The "rolling stock" method is advisable, to buy a little more than usual, and make additional purchases as you consume some.

We Need Stock for One Week

"Affected people shared some roles in serving hot meals. The prior training worked well."

"Knowledge is not enough."

A woman in the 60's, living in Shinchi-machi, who was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 2011)

Thanks to the prior training, we had some idea of who can do what, and we could share roles to prepare materials and ingredients as well as to serve in managing the work of serving hot meals.

Join the Local Disaster Training

In the 32 elementary and junior high schools, the committees are organized to operate evacuation shelters to be opened for the community, and 138 self-organized disaster prevention groups are in operation.

Join the Local Disaster Training

Make it a rule to join the disaster training to prepare against disaster.

"Furniture with tip prevention fixture did not tumble over. I should have made all the furniture tip-resistant."

"I could not open the door."

A woman in the 60's, living in Higashi Matsushima City, who was affected by the earthquake with the epicenter in the northern Miyagi Prefecture (July 2003)

All the furniture in the kitchen tumbled over, and when I managed to open the door, I found the next room was also messy, with the tumbled TV set and broken glasses, and there was no space for my feet.

Implement Earthquake-resistance Measures for Your House

About 80 % of the cause of death in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake was the collapsed buildings and tumbled furniture.
In the northern Osaka Earthquake (June 2018), too, lives were lost by the tumbled concrete block walls and by tumbled furniture.

Implement Earthquake-resistance Measures for Your House


Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591

From What will You Start for Earthquake Measure ?

~Take an early action using support system by Soka City~

Support for Furniture Overturning Prevention Measure

Once an earthquake occurs, big pieces of furniture or electric appliances which may slide or fall will turn to be fatal, causing injury or death by crushing as well as blocking the way to evacuate from the house.
Bolt big pieces of furniture and electric appliances to the wall in preparation for future earthquakes.

Rental electric screwdrivers and frame sensors

People of age 18 and older who want to fix furnitures at their homes or offices can use an electric screwdriver and frame sensor at free of charge.

Subsidy for the installation fee of L-shaped metal fittings

A worker will visit to the households, all the members are 65 years and older or all the members are with disabilities, and fix the furniture (up to 3) with metal fittings.
Subsidy is up to 9,000 yen.


Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591

Check present condition with free simplified seismic diagnosis

Soka city has a subsidy system for seismic diagnosis and aseismatic repair to promote the earthquake resisting of the houses.
Why don't you try free simplified seismic diagnosis to know your wooden house's present condition ?

Free simplified seismic diagnosis

Free seismic diagnosis by PC is available.
No field investigations.
Bring an ichnography or a sketch of your house to Kenchiku Shido-ka (Construction Regulation Section) after an application by telephone.

Subsidy for Seismic Diagnosis and Aseismatic Repair of Houses

Application in advance is required to receive this subsidy and you cannot make a contract or start diagnosis or repair until the grant of the subsidy is decided.
Seismic diagnosis or aseismatic repair that was already compled is not covered by this sudsidy.
It takes two or three weeks for the procedure (from receiving an application to the decision).
Please give yourself plenty of time to apply.

Subjected buildings: Detached houses and mansion apartments (you have its owenership) that were build under the Building Standard Act before June 1, 1981.

Subjected person: Individuals who own the houses and have been living for one year or longer at the houses or management unions.

Please inquire for details.


Kenchiku Shido-ka (Construction Regulation Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1958
FAX(048) 922-3148

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