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Events in Our City in April

Tea Ceremony at Zenso-an

Feel Japanese Culture More Closely

On April 21, "Zenso-an Hakutai-no Kakaku," a facility to familiarize with Japanese culture, was opened on April 21, and a tea ceremony was organized as an opening event by the Soka City Tea Ceremony Association.

Women dressed in various colors of Kimono gathered in a refined wooden one-story house of a Japanese tea ceremony building to enjoy hospitality prepared specially for that day.

Tea Ceremony

A rest station was opened in the facility for serving sea (500 yen, tax included).
Feel free to drop in.

Yahata Naka Park

Come and See the New Playground Equipment

The extension and improvement work being completed for Yahata Naka Park, the completion ceremony was held on April 9.

The new additions include the miniature hill over a clay pipe, which reminds us of our childhood playground, attractive athletic play equipment and exercise equipment.

New Playground Equipment

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