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Cleaning the Statues of Basho and Sora

On the Departure Day for the Journey of Oku-no Hosomichi

Commemorating the departure day of MATSUO Basho for the journey of Oku-no Hosomichi, cleaning work is planned for the statues of MATSUO Basho (in Fudaba Kashi Park) and of KAWAI Sora (in Osen Park).

If you wish to join the cleaning, go to the venue without reservation.
The certificate will be given to participants.
In addition, an event is planned after cleaning at Soka-shuku Baho-an.
Your participation will be appreciated.

Cleaning the Statues of Basho and Sora

Date and time

May 16 (Thu), 1:30 ~ 3:00 p.m.

Meeting place

In front of the statue of KAWAI Sora in Osen Park


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