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Spring Cleaning Campaign to Be Held on May 26 (Sun)

Keep Your Community Clean

Keep Your Community Clean

The city-wide cleaning campaign will be held on May 26 (Sun), to clean public places.
Hours vary from community to community, so inquiries have to be made in advance.

Wastes have to be assorted into burnable, non-burnable and recyclable wastes and be put into designated bags of the campaign to be placed at designated collection spots.
Wastes from households and business enterprises, television sets, bicycles, stones, concrete, etc.
will not be collected.

The residents' groups which plans to clean U-shaped gutters must ask the council above to collect sludge.
Be sure to keep away from waste-collecting vehicles in operation because they are dangerous.

The cleaning campaign is conducted every spring and autumn, with the aim of cleaning the community and of raising awareness about waste issues.
We will appreciate your participation and cooperation.


Soka-shi Clean Furusato Suishin Kyogikai (Soka City Community Cleaning Promotion Council) in Haikibutsu Shigen-ka (Refuse and Recycle Section)
Tel.(048) 931-3972
FAX(048) 931-9993

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