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Are You Managing Vacant Houses?

The special measures law concerning the promotion of measures for vacant houses was enacted in 2015, in response to the situation that increasing number of vacant houses are left without proper management and are affecting the living the environment of the surrounding area.


  • Overgrowing branches may disturb the passage of automobiles and pedestrians on the street.
  • This house makes me feel uneasy. It's kind of scary.
  • Suspicious people may sneak in through broken windows or doors.
  • Damaged foundation or posts may cause collapse of the house.
  • Damaged roof and walls may cause building components fall or fly apart.
  • Overgrown weeds may cause the outbreak of injurious insects.
  • Scattered wastes and burnable objects may cause foul smell and induce illegal dumping or arson.

Vacant houses which are left without proper management are identified as "particular vacant houses," and guidance and admonition will be given. If no improvement is observed after guidance and if admonition is given, the land of that vacant house will no longer be eligible for the special provision for housing site of fixed property tax and city planning tax.

Soka City Countermeasures Plan for Vacant Houses
Formulated in March 2019

Effective countermeasures for vacant houses, based on three policies, will be promoted to realize safe and secure living environment.

Soka City will play the key role in the collaboration among owners of vacant houses, community residents, related organizations and groups.

  • Policy 1: Prevent houses from becoming vacant
  • Policy 2: Manage vacant houses properly
  • Policy 3: Make use of vacant houses

Visit the website of Soka City for the details of the plan.


Kurashi Anzen-ka (Life Safety Section)
Tel.(048) 922-3642
FAX(048) 922-1030

Vacant House Registry of Soka City

Operation to Be Started in April 2019
Properties to Be Registered Being Recruited

If you are at a loss how to make use of vacant houses, register those in the vacant house registry.

Visit the website of Soka City for the outline of the system and for the details of registration.


Toshi Keikaku-ika (Town Planning Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1896
FAX(048) 922-3145

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