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Rubella Vaccination for Grown-ups

Partial Subsidy for the Expense

Subsidy will be granted for the expense of rubella vaccination to women who wish to be pregnant and husbands of pregnant women, one time per person, up to 3,000 yen.
Application must be submitted within one year after the vaccination.

The persons who are living with pregnant weman are eligible for this subsidy from this fiscal year (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020).

Eligible people

Those who live in Soka City on the day of vaccination, have never suffered rubella, have never had the rubella vaccination and meet either of the following requirements.

  • Women, age 16 - 49, who wish to be pregnant
  • Husbands of pregnant women or the persons who are living with preganant women, age 18 or over.

* Those who apply this subsidy must be husbands or live with pregnant women on the day of vaccination.

Eligible vaccination

Independent rubella or MR mixed vaccination given in a medical institution in Japan.

* Vaccination given on April 1, 2019 or after is eligible for those who live with pregnant women.


Visit or send the following documents to Hoken Center (Health Center) after vaccination, to be received by March 31, 2020 (should be postmarked on March 31 or before).

Mail to: 〒340-0016 Chuo 1-5-22 Hoken Center

(1)The receipt or payment certificate of the medical institution
(2)A document to verify vaccination (Ex.: a copy of the vaccination coupon)
(3)A copy of the passbook of the bank
(4)Your seal
(5)In case of a husband of a pregnant woman: Boshi Kenko Techo (Mother and Child Health Book)

The application form may be downloaded from the website of Soka City.


Hoken Center (Health Center)
Tel.(048) 922-0200
FAX(048) 922-1516

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