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Holiday medical facilities ( Duty doctors of holiday)

Out-patient Emergency Care (Ichiji Kyuukyu in Japanese) on Sundays and holidays is available at the medical institutions and dentists in the list below.
Be sure to call before you visit. (Bring your Health Insurance Certificate)

* Soka Municipal Hospital (Tel.(048) 946-2200) accepts the patients who cannot be treated in "Out-patient Emergency Care" and need the advanced medical treatment or need the hospitalization as "In-patient Emergency Care (Niji Kyukyu in Japanese).

Open hours

Internal Medicine/Surgery: 9:00 a.m. to noon & 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

August 25 Internist Asako Syounika Naika Iin Takasago 2-2-31 Tel.(048) 922-2517
Surgeon Kihara Seikeigeka Iin Sumiyoshi 1-5-6 3F Tel.(048) 922-5103
September 1 Internist Ohsato Naika Iin Hikawa cho 178-2 Tel.(048) 925-3118
Surgeon Soka Matsubara Seikeigeka Iin Matsue 2-3-26 Tel.(048) 935-4838
September 8 Internist Minami Soka Clinic Nissato cho 107-1 Tel.(048) 924-0600
Surgeon Tuchiya Medical Clinic Yatsuka cho 629 Tel.(048) 928-0228
September 15 Internist Ishidori Clinic Naeduka cho418-1 Tel.(048) 969-4990
Surgeon Masatsuka Iin Aoyagi 5-12-13 Tel.(048) 936-7422
September 16 Internist Ohshiro Clinic Matsubara 5-1-5 Tel.(048) 942-3039
Surgeon Toyoda Clinic Kakinoki cho 1127-1 Tel.(048) 930-3636
Dentist Ichinosawa Shika Clinic Koyama 2-16-18 Tel.(048) 944-8148
September 22 Internist Harmones Tower Clinic Matsubara 1-1-6 3F Tel.(048) 942-7111
Surgeon Niijima seikeigeka Soka 2-4-14 Tel.(048) 943-2711
September 23 Internist Hirata Clinic Shin'ei 1-48-11 Tel.(048) 942-1245
Surgeon Ishii geka Iin Hikawa cho 928 Tel.(048) 925-4255
Dentist Bentencho Shika Iin Nakane 3-23-17 Tel.(048) 931-0113
September 29 Internist Saiwai Naika Clinic Asahi cho 1-4-46 Tel.(048) 930-5870
Surgeon Takayama Seikeigeka Shinzen cho 413-2 Tel.(048) 943-6200

* Parking lot of each medical institution open on Sundays and holiday is limited.
Please use private parking lots when you cannot find an open parking space of medical institutions.

Kodomo Kyubyou Yakan Clinic (Soka City Pediatric Emergency Night Clinic)

* A ccept the children, beween the ages of 0 and 15, whose conditions change suddenly at night.

Consultation hour

Monday to Friday 7:30 p.m.~10:30 p.m.
Sat., Sun., Holiday, Year end and New Year 6:30 p.m.~10:30 p.m.


The first floor of Cardiac and Cerebrovascular Center in Soka Municipal Hospital
(Address: Soka 2-21-1)
Tel.(048) 954-6401

Emergency Telephone Consultation in Saitama Prefecture

Nurses will advice how to deal with a sudden sick or whether to go to hospital.
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Tel. #7119

* According to Voice Guidance, choose "Children", "Adults" or "Medical Institution Guidance"
* Dial line, IP phone: Tel. 048-824-4199

You can use the following former dials. For Children Tel. #8000

* Dial line, IP phone: Tel. 048-833-7911 For Adults Tel. #7000

Further Infomation

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