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Holiday medical facilities ( Duty doctors of holiday)

Out-patient Emergency Care (Ichiji Kyuukyu in Japanese) on Sundays and holidays is available at the medical institutions in the list below.
Consultation Hour: 9:00 a.m. to noon, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (The time may be changed.)

*Soka Municipal Hospital accepts the patients who cannot be treated in "Out-patient Emergency Care" and need the advanced medical treatment or need the hospitalization as "In-patient Emergency Care (Niji Kyukyu in Japanese).

July 22 Internist Mizuno Clinic Sakae cho 3-6-6 Tel.(048) 930-1700
Surgeon Kato Family Clinic Aoyagi 4-26-16 Tel.(048) 933-0333
July 29 Internist Yanagishima Clinic Yanagishima cho 650 Tel.(048) 927-7911
Surgeon Medicaltopia Soka Hospital Yatsuka 1-11-18 Tel.(048) 928-3111
August 5 Internist Toratani Iin Aoyagi 6-22-1 Tel.(048) 931-3700
Surgeon Yamazaki Clinic Chuo 2-4-11 Tel.(048) 924-1375
August 11 Internist Naito Clinic Sumiyoshi 1-2-28 Tel.(048) 922-6011
Surgeon Soka Matsubara Seikeigeka Iin Matsue 2-3-50 Tel.(048) 935-4838
Dentist Namiki Shika Iin Sezaki 2-4-1 Tel.(048) 928-6800
August 12 Internist Soka Jyunkanki Clinic Hikawa cho 2131-6 Tel.(048) 927-4811
Surgeon Medics Soka Clinic Hikawa cho 2149-3 Tel.(048) 920-6161
August 19 Internist Medical Hub Clinic Kinmei cho 516-1-1 Tel.(048) 943-8292
Surgeon Hoei Hospital Yatsuka 2-12-15 Tel.(048)-924-2631
August 26 Internist Soka Kitaya Clinic Kitaya 1-22-13 Tel.(048) 941-7800
Surgeon Kagawa Iin Soka 3-8-21 Tel.(048) 942-6062

*Parking lot of each medical institution open on Sundays and holiday is limited. Please use private parking lots when you cannot find an open parking space of medical institutions.

* The Holiday Emergency Dental Clinic, located in Hoken Center (Health Center), which gave first-aid treatment are open only on holidays and Year-end holidays.

Kodomo Kyubyou Yakan Clinic (Soka City Pediatric Emergency Night Clinic)


The first floor of Cardiac and Cerebrovascular Center in Soka Municipal Hospital(Address: Soka 2-21-1) Tel. (048) 954-6401

Consultation hour

Monday to Friday 7:30 p.m.~10:30 p.m.
Sat., Sun., Holiday, Year end and New Year 6:30 p.m.~10:30 p.m.

Emergency Telephone Consultation in Saitama Prefecture

Nurses will advice how to deal with a sudden sick or whether to go to hospital.
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

tel #7119

*According to Voice Guidance, choose “Children”, “Adults” or “Medical Institution Guidance”
*Dial line, IP phone: Tel. 048-824-4199

You can use the following former dials. For Children Tel.#8000
*Dial line, IP phone: Tel. 048-833-7911 For Adults Tel.#7000

Further Infomation

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